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Join our intermittent fasting app to lose weight, get your body in shape, and control diseases like diabetes. Our natural fasting plan will help you burn body fat and cause cellular regeneration to boost your health. With our experienced coach and tracker, be prepared to break out of your unhealthy diet and manage excellent weight loss!

How our fasting app guides you
Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern with regular breaks between meals. In intermittent fasting, the body switches with a natural transition in metabolism and body fat levels. As an effective measure to lose weight, intermittent fasting is now widely preferred by beginners. This method aims to burn your body fat for energy, that is, to burn your calories. This intermittent approach helps your body lose weight easily more than a diet does. Intermittent fasting is the healthy option for natural weight loss compared to a diet and facilitates cell regeneration.

Lose weight and fight diseases
The health benefit of practicing intermittent fasting to burn fat is to tackle the onset of diabetes and other diseases. Unlike a diet, intermittent fasting challenges your body by going on a burning mode. The body fat from your eating period gets used up as energy. Intermittent fasting makes you burn fat reserves in your body for energy. This helps you lose weight, manage your diabetes, fight off heart diseases, increase cellular regeneration, and more.

Intermittent fasting is an alternation of eating and fasting periods rather than a diet. Categories are:
1) 16:8 – Divides a day into an eating break of 8 hours and a fasting break of 16 hours.
2) 5:2 – Splits a week into 5 days of eating normally and 2 days of the diet.
3) Eat/Stop/Eat – Consists of 2 days of complete fasting or zero calorie intake in a week.

Fasting coach for a health boost
Intermittent fasting plans are a great solution to reduce body weight, control diabetes, prevent numerous diseases, and cause more active cell regeneration in your body. Help the body burn fat in a natural way and lose weight to look good. Studies say that intermittent fasting increases growth hormone levels along with regeneration. It improves insulin production, thereby controlling blood sugar and countering diabetes. The regeneration process in your blood aids to prevent numerous diseases, including diabetes.

Fasting Tracker
A fasting tracker is ideal for helping you stay more active and manage your weight loss goals. You can burn your body fat and increase cell regeneration through natural steps. The tracker will notify you about your eating break and track your water level during fasting break. An intermittent fasting tracker tells how you’re dealing with diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. You can use this free tracker to see how this natural fasting practice can coach you to burn extra calories. Maintain your intermittent fasting plan with a tracker, and keep your body healthy.

Compared to a diet, intermittent fasting is the easier option to lose weight. It is a step towards regulating personal eating habits and achieving weight loss by natural processes. This reduces the chances of diabetes and heart diseases.

Take a personal break to focus on yourself, lose weight and get fit with our free fasting app!


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