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We are THE alternative for Android Apps

CrazyAPKs is changing the way we install and discover Android apps. Geographically unrestricted and unlimited content is available to all users for free. You don’t need to make an account or share any of your personal information, as you do with the large app stores or other app websites. Here you can get your favorite apps and download them directly from our site, or by going to the Play Store if you wish. We verify each and every file hosted on our servers, for maximum security.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide easy and uncomplicated access to apps, APKs, updates, and installs for worldwide users, all for free. Restrictions present in conventional app stores make it often difficult to find and download your favorite apps. CrazyAPKs removes these restrictions and makes browsing and obtaining apps easy. We also provided comment fields to allow users to share their honest opinion about the apps.

Our Story

We were passionate about phone apps since the first phones got an ability to run Java .jar apps. Finding new apps was often difficult and unsafe during these times. This is how we came with an idea of creating our own app downloads website, with the goal of providing all of the most helpful apps in one place. Doing this all for free was difficult, but it was our mission, and mission accomplished. Our site was thriving with excited people to see it.

With the smartphone boom the app distribution market was quickly monopolized which caused our original site to stop operating. Many years after smartphone users realized the restrictions and limitations coming from monopolized sources, such as geo restrictions, they started looking for alternative sources. After seeing the increased demand for alternatives we decided to bring CrazyAPKs to life, which has been a great success and brings happiness to our users every day.


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