Android Phone and Chill: Fun, Mellow Apps To Download

All too often we get caught up using our phones only for social and professional connections. But Android phones and tablets offer a lot of ways to have some good old fashioned fun. Yeah, we know a lot of people realize that many apps are for needling away time, but sometimes we need a good reminder that apps can be more play than work.

Many apps offer fun games and even meditation which helps you lower your stress levels. Our devices are often the source of bad news and stress. So consider this a solid reminder for apps that help you loosen up, both figuratively and literally.

Here’s a look at some apps you should use on your Android device when you simply want to get lost in a good time.


duolingo logo

Ever wanted to learn a language, but didn’t want to experience the absolute disenchantment of the work associated with learning a new language? Oh, you must try Duolingo, a super creative and fun way to expand your knowledge and ability to apply a foreign language.

Founded by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker in 2001, users of Duolingo participate in smaller-sized, more digestible, and fun exercises that help them learn a new language. Duolingo makes use of games as a way to increase the fun app experience side of things.

Oddly, Duolingo is so popular, it’s part producer of a Peacock Original show.

While Duolingo is popular, there remains a lot of people who haven’t experienced this ultra-cool way to learn a new language and have a good time.

Try Duolingo

Monument Valley

monument valley app

If you enjoy puzzles and art, you’ll totally dig Monument Valley. Monument Valley puzzles aren’t normal puzzles, as you can see in the image above, they are pristine, AI art. Its a super dope experienced even if you don’t typically love art because these puzzles aren’t the norm.

Some of Monumen Valley’s puzzles are optical illiusions while some are bizzare pieces. You’ll lead Princess Ida through this mystical, fantastical world in the clouds amidst soft, vivid colors that serve to inspire you.

Monument Valley is a levitating experience that’s got all the good vibes. Try Monument Valley.


bitmoji app

Emojis are modern digital headshots. You probably have one, although maybe its a stock version. Bitmoji is your solution to enhancing your personal emoji and impressing friends and even coworkers.

Bitmoji has few limitations to the amazing design capabilities you can deploy in creating your custom online profile. Moreover, you can reference your dope Bitmoji in a number of online profiles. You can also send them across text and social media and all types of messaging platforms.

Check out some of the slick design concepts.

bitmoji emoji design samples

You gotta love that. Try Bitmoji and beef up your online rep.

Among Us

Among Us app

Launched in 2018, the Among Us app is a slick multiplayer game that features a team oriented, and backstabbing pervasive, gaming element. The droid graphics exude fun and spirit popping around their weightless theme. What’s cooler? Play up to 15 at a time.

The goal is to get your spaceship launched. But it won’t be easy. You’ll need to trust people. You’ll need help. But not everyone is trustworthy nor helpful. We really dig Among Us as a super creative mobile gaming play.

Try the sensational Among Us app and never look back.


Need to chill? The Headspace app is unlike any of the other “fun” apps on our list. Instead, the Headspace app helps you find serenity and relaxation through guided meditations. All too often, we fail to take “us time.” Guided meditations help you lower blood pressure and stress levels and improve your concentration and focus. It simply makes sense to use Headspace, particularly if you have stress in your life. And let’s be honest, you probably do.

Wanna try more mindfulness? Visit our Headspace app page.

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