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What is the Duolingo app?

Duolingo is an online language learning app. It provides a digital way to learn many new languages ​​for students of different ages and abilities. Using a smart algorithm, it can even adapt to help specific students in the areas they need, both the material and the one below. Duolingo is a free app download available on all devices, as well as on the Duolingo website itself. This makes it very easy to access and students can download it on their own devices. This type of opportunity, along with the ability to create game avatar characters, adds up to a great deal for students. All that helps make it deeper and a tool that students choose to return to. That said, there are teacher-level controls that allow for specific learning goals that can focus on vocabulary, grammar, or skills.

How does it work?

Simply download the Duolingo app from the links below here on CrazyAPKs. The app is available at the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or install Duolingo APK for Android devices directly from our servers. Or assign a student account if you are a teacher using the school version of the platform.

Duolingo starts by giving you a choice of 36 languages ​​to choose from. Initially for beginners, there are basic and fun lessons to get you started right away. Users that think they are a bit more advanced, can take a quick test to see where they rank. Students create their own cartoon avatars, then navigate educational games to earn rewards. Gain experience points by playing consecutive days in a row, or for a lengthy time period. You will receive badges for achievements that can be displayed on your avatar’s profile, as a way to show success. One of the best features, is they gameify the app using gems. These gems allow for you to make new profile pictures, and other in-game customizations. The overall mastery level indicates how many words they learned.

What are some features of the Duolingo app?

Duolingo has self-correcting learning system that shows when your make mistakes, and lets you see the correct answer immediately. This makes the platform a convenient way to learn on its own.

Duolingo asks to move back and forth between their native language and the target language through reading, writing, and speaking. In the story section, students can do more discussion and skills based on the situation. Teachers can set stories to work on conversational skills, or set specific areas of grammar to improve. Teachers can view reports that show XP scores earned, time spent and progress toward each student’s goals and course evaluations.

Go ahead and download the Duolingo app for free below. More information about the app is available at https://duolingo.com.


Aug 9, 2022
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Varies with device

How to install Duolingo Language Learning App app?

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To download the APK file directly from our site, tap the button above.

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Install Duolingo Language Learning App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.