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We know how it feels to believe true love was not meant for you.
To sense that the relationship you deserve is out of reach.

If you’re like us, you’ve been disappointed with typical online dating apps. You’ve wondered if endless swiping can
ever lead to a relationship based on feelings of mutual attraction. We know you want to love and be loved. Still, it’s
wrong that most dating apps make meeting someone feel like a roll of the dice.

Iris Dating was born from our founder’s frustration with typical dating apps and a desire to create an experience closer
to how special relationships begin in real life.

That cute guy in the coffee shop; the beautiful woman on the train — we’ve all been smitten by someone at first sight.
That’s the power of physical attraction. Iris Dating applies Artificial Intelligence to understand who you are attracted to
and uses that understanding to present you with matches to people who also are attracted to someone like you.

Our team of passionate love geeks has put over 100,000 hours into understanding what drives attraction between two
people. We’ve helped thousands overcome the typical shortcomings of online dating and meet a partner who wants to
build a successful relationship. Mutually.

We are committed to helping you find someone you share a genuine attraction with so you can stop feeling like you
have to settle in a relationship. The process is simple —

(1) Download the Iris Dating app;
(2) Teach our AI engine your preferences, and;
(3) See your matches based on mutual attraction.

Once you download the app and try our AI, you’ll have taken the first step to finding the relationship you deserve.

It’s time to stop wasting your time endlessly swiping and find reciprocal love. Download Iris today and discover what it
feels like to start a relationship based on mutual attraction.

“Met a few good friends so far and the recent match… WOW! Most successful date I have had in years! This week will
be the fifth time I see her in five weeks. See where this goes. If anyone is tired of typical online dating, iris sure can fix
that problem.”
— Trent Silvernail

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know because of your app, I have a Valentine’s date tonight! Thank you so much. I really
like the way your app is built. And the interface is very user-friendly and unique.”
— Chi

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Aug 30, 2022
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