Why Google Android is Worried about BharOS

If you’ve been an avid reader of CrazyPPKS, then maybe you’ve already read about the recent decision by India’s Supreme Court that slaps down Google’s Android monopoly in the country. The news may have left many of you curious as to how this could detrimentally affect Android, at least in India.

Well, here goes why…

Meet BharOS, an Android Open Source Project operating system that doesn’t push any Google apps. And that’s a big deal given India’s Supreme Court essentially says that Google pushing its own apps in its OS creates a monopoly, or antitrust environment.

Developed by JandK Operations Private Limited, or, JandKop, the new operating system looks to take advantage of the new opening created by India’s high court.

The BharOS interface is relatively sleek and much resembles Android.


But there’s one clear difference between BharOS and Android: BharOS doesn’t come pre-installed with Google services (or any services, for that matter). Meaning, users get to decide what they want to use on the phone from a relatively clean slate. And this is exactly what India’s high court seeks.

Users will decide which apps they desire on their phone without having any apps pushed their way. While this is a bit hit to Google, there remains a ton of top Android apps that people will still seek to install. In fact, Android 2023 apps are some of the best we can recall. Let’s be honest, Google’s Android app lineup is pretty stellar. But BharOS remains a threat to strip India’s marketshare down by not forcing apps and services catered towards Google.

What we don’t know is how someone might be able to replace their current Android environment with BharOS, but we’re confident smarter folks than us will figure it out. Moreover, BharOS deploys Duck Duck Go and Signal as default apps. That’s what we call, “shots fired,” at least towards Google.

Can You Download BharOS?

There’s no instructions for downloading the mobile OS, at least as of now. But we’ll keep you up to date as we get more information.

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