Must Have Apps in 2023: Your Complete Guide

Android apps make life easier on all of us. At least, all of us who use Android devices, which should be our reader base. If not, our brand awareness campaigns have dramatically failed us. There are lots of free Android apps that help you organize, secure, create, and communicate.

So what are the top Android apps for 2023?

You’ll note some familiar faces, but also, some fresh ones as well.

HotBot VPN

For the second year in a row, HotBot VPN ranks among the top Android apps on the market. And that shouldn’t be a surprise given HotBot’s capabilities and reviews.

In this day and age, we’d hope you are all leveraging the security power of a VPN on all your wifi connected devices. VPNs encrypt your data, stop ISP tracking, and ward off hacker spies lurking on public wifi setups.

People don’t realize how often they connect to wifi. When you walk into the grocery store, your Android phone may automatically connect to the store’s wifi. When your VPN is on, you’re protected. But if not, your information and data is at risk.

There are a lot of free or cheap VPNs out there. But quality matters. Crappy VPNs mean slow connection speeds. HotBot is affordable and highly reviewed.

Google Drive

google drive android app 2023

Google Drive is one of the most robust cloud storage and file work systems in the world. Google was an early adopter of cloud based storage and communal work, so it stands to reason that their Google Drive Android app is essential stuff in 2023.

Work seamlessly with coworkers or partners on Google spreadsheets or documents. Take notes, create formulas, and build presentations. You can store your photos and files and access them throughout you mobile devices.

Google Drive’s Android app is a free, must-have in 2023 for both business and personal.

Nova Launcher

nova launcher android app 2023

Nova Launcher allows you to further customize your home screen beyond what Android’s default settings allow. Nova Launcher reflects exactly the reasons why we love Android over iPhone – the deeper levels of customization potential.

Nova Launcher breaths new life into your phone by ridding you of the typical, familiar Android stock experience. It transcends your phone’s face into something you appreciate, something that speaks more to your taste.

nova launcher customize

Access lots of new wallpapers and icons. Completely rework your Android phone’s beauty.

Yes, there are lots of launchers that copied Nova Launcher. However, Nova Launcher remains the original, most trusted in class.

Also, there’s a whole lot new with Nova Launcher in 2023.


poweramp 2023 android app

Do you like to rock hard?

Poweramp is Android’s premier choice for on-device music player apps. Featuring a wide array of mixology options for sound that goes well beyond most players, Poweramp is your hi-resolution sound opportunity to make all your music, and even podcast, glisten in your ears.

The only downside is that some folks find the Poweramp interface to be a little complex. But its nothing a short video tutorial can’t resolve.

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