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Netflix has been the streaming platform par excellence for years. The app allows every user to choose from thousands of titles and watch them on any device. Up to four accounts can be created per email address, which can be used separately. There is also a separate account for children, which contains only child-friendly titles.

Netflix offers several account options, whereby each account is subject to payment. Every new user receives a free trial month to try out the service. The range of titles also expands every month. New films and series do not have to be paid for separately. Good alternatives to Netflix are Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Stream anytime and anywhere
Netflix offers all users a vast range of streaming content at home and on the go. The app can be installed on smart TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets so that content can be accessed at any time. All you need to watch is a stable internet connection. Numerous titles can also be downloaded and then watched offline, allowing you to stream at any time while on the move.

Four accounts can be set up for each email address, which can be used for different types of streaming. There is also a separate children’s account with content for young children and teenagers. Parents can also set up a password to prevent access to the other accounts. The price varies depending on the number of accounts, so one, two and four accounts are possible.

New offers all the time
Once subscribed, Netflix offers access to thousands of titles. In addition to exclusively produced films and series, old series hits and classic films are also available. Although some licenses are limited in time, many are renewed and can be reaccessed. In addition to the streaming offer, Netflix will increasingly focus on the gaming sector in the future. Some films and series now offer an interactive option.

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