Google Maps For Your Android

Google Maps -this app is one of the best on the android apps site!
It allows you to create maps and map your location for personal or business use. It makes navigation much easier and faster. All the information you require is available at a click of a button. In a matter of seconds, you can move from one place to the next. 
Find the quickest and most direct route by foot or car to any place in the world. 
Find the most recent address, email, phone number, and contact information for any hotel, restaurant or pub, shop, museum, gallery, etc.

  • The best free mapping option
  • Transits directions
  • Live updates on traffic
  • Voice-guided GPS Navigation
  • Offers high-resolution street view images
  • Allows you to take a photo of the exterior and interior of the venue/place.

Google Maps, an Android Application, makes it easier for everyone. This app allows you to create beautiful maps that can be shared between smartphones and other devices, such as tablets and computers. You can edit and save maps for later reference or check the location of new restaurants or movie theatres you visit.

Google Maps is available for Android phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. It makes it easy to locate all areas/locations within a city.
You can also track the shortest route between your current point and the destination you desire. This app is available for free on all Android apps sites.

The Benefits

  • Detailled maps of 220 countries and regions
  • Voice-guided GPS for drivers/walkers/bikers
  • Transit directions and detailed maps for over 15,000 cities
  • Automatic reroutes, incident reports, life traffic conditions
  • In minutes, find the best route
  • Street view + indoor imagery to show everything in a hotel or museum

Use the app with these tips

  • Get a better location, more accurate directions!
  • Voice Navigation Enhancement
  • Report incorrect routes

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