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Best Period Tracking App

WOCUTE is an app specially designed for women in the Arab region. It helps women record and track their menstrual periods, and provides help for pregnancy preparation and pregnancy. It has comprehensive functions and is free of charge. It runs quickly and can run without Network !

The function of menstrual record is easy to operate, WOCUTE will analyze the user’s records and remind the user at different stages.

Women’s cycles are usually not always regular, Each woman has a unique cycle. WOCUTE uses intelligent algorithms to analyze and predict each user’s records, rather than simple calculations with common fixed cycles. This algorithm can help users better and remind users to improve their menstrual health.

WOCUTE’s function of reminders can be customized, users can control the reminder switch arbitrarily, and even decide the time and content of the reminder.

Choose pregnancy preparation or pregnancy mode, WOCUTE can provide targeted help to users, choose the right time of conception, the time of egg development, the weekly changes of the baby and health precautions.

Use WOCUTE without registration, It does not contain any ads and all its features are free, and it can be run offline and fast. The interface of the app is simple and easy to use, and you can also customize the interface wallpaper.
WOCUTE attaches great importance to the data security and privacy of users. Each user’s data will be synchronized and backed up in the cloud in an encrypted form to ensure the security and integrity of the data. Users only need to connect to the network to obtain the latest and complete data at any time. After binding your personal Email, you can also synchronize data between different devices to ensure the experience when using across devices.

Of course, if you decide to leave WOCUTE, you can also choose to clear data at any time. WOCUTE will not save users’ privacy information in any form.

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Aug 18, 2022
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