Vitamins and their Works

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This app is about how vitamins work and different sources of Vitamins.
The topic included in this app are:
List of vitamins
Health effects
Supplements of Vitamin
Effect of cooking
Deficiencies and Side-effects
History of Vitamin
Society and culture
Naming of Vitamin

Vitamin A
History of Vitamin A
Equivalencies of retinoids and carotenoids (IU)
Recommended daily allowance
Vision and Gene transcription
Deficiency of Vitamin A
Toxicity of Vitamin A

Vitamin B1
Chemical properties
Nutrition of Vitamin B1
Absorption and transport
Thiamine phosphate derivatives and function
Analysis and diagnostic testing

Vitamin B2
Function of Vitamin B2
Deficiency of Vitamin B2
Industrial uses

Vitamin B3
Dietary reference intake
Physical and chemical properties
History of Vitamin B3

Vitamin B5
Biological role
Dietary reference intake B5

Vitamin B6
Forms of Vitamin B6
Nutrition of Vitamin B6
Deficiency of Vitamin B6
Toxicity and History

Vitamin B7
General and Cofactor biochemistry
Dietary Reference Intake B7
Deficiency and Metabolic disorders

Vitamin B9
Health effects of B9
Folate deficiency
Dietary reference intake B9
Biological roles of B9
Food fortification

Vitamin B12
Medical uses of B12
Sources of Vitamin B12
Structure of B12
Mechanism of action

Vitamin C
Biological significance VC
Role in mammals
Adverse effects of Vitamin C
Dietary sources of VC
History and Discovery

Vitamin D
Types and Deficiency
Health effects of supplementation
Mechanism of action VD
Guidelines of Vitamin D
Dietary sources of VD

Vitamin E
Supplementation and Dietary sources
Vitamin E supplementation and cardiovascular disease

Vitamin K
Discovery of Different vitamin K
Food sources of VK
Deficiency,Toxicity and Biochemistry
Injection in newborns
We hope this app will help every person to maintain a healthy life.


Salina Akter
Dec 6, 2016
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