Smoothie Games – Summer Drinks Juicy Simulation

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Wanna be a smoothie king in the free kids games for girls? Let me see how will you blend milkshake in the girls games! Uh~ can you make more smoothies to show your blendy skill? Yeah! I see! You did a good job! Welcome to join this juicy game! Besides getting mixi fun, you can also be the best smoothie maker in the free girl games!

Rainbow Smoothies Games for Girls Features:
1.Unicorn chef will teach kids games girls what’s the difference between slushy and free smoothie. Look, milkshake maker is also listening carefully in the girl game!
2.Unicorn kid often blends batido in the smoothie bowls! That’s the idea from juice maker of the fun kid games! She has blende once in a rainbow game, and become a juice king from then!
3.Oh! This unicorn smoothie is made by slushier maker in the fun games for girls! The secret recipe is strawberry from sweet shop! Got it?
4.Blender girl harvests lots of juicy vegetables in the unicorn games. She plans to get healthy smoothies by mixy them with yoghurt together! Such a clever sweet baby!
5.Are you good at fruit mix in the girl games for free? I want some fresh drink from your juice shop! Slush maker suggests me the signature drink: banana smoothie! Can I have the awesome shakes of the fun cooking games?
6.It’s great to enjoy a cool drink from summer games! What? The tasty batidos have been ready in girl shopping time? Come on! Let’s get more ice slush in the shake games!
7.Ms Rainbow is a real smoothie master in the free games for girls! When summer baby slurp icy drinks in her juice bar, she always feels like eating fair food in the carnival games!
8.Big News! We’ll have a juicy explosion from games girls! It’s a warming-up for summer festival! Are you ready?
9.Decoration time! Sweets and icy desserts from unicorn games for girls have been ready! Well, there are also some icy candy and colorful sprinkles from rich girl! Show your design talent in the girly games perfectly!
10.Games girl, you’re so lucky! Slushy maker will give you a free summer drink in the good games for girls! Enjoy!

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Sep 2, 2021
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