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No one is you, and that is your power. Katrina Wright created The
Sculpt You to be the most affordable and accessible health & wellness
program on the market – one that encompasses all aspects of health,
both mental & physical.

This is a program that offers a safe and fun space to truly become
your best self. One that encourages you to build a deeper relationship
with yourself, and to discover what makes you feel confident within
your own skin. A program that takes away the guesswork so that you can get the RESULTS you really want!

Utilize our structured – Home & Gym workouts designed for maximum
muscle growth, our customized Meal Plans created by our Registered
Dietitian, a customized Mental Health System, a Period Tracker, and
even Monthly Challenges… everything you need to get in tune with
your body and become the strongest version of yourself.
We are constantly updating our app to further support your self
development & personal growth journey, and are excited to have you
here to experience the magic with us.

Daily Home Workouts & Gym Workouts
Our workouts follow a structured 4-week, full-body progressive
overload split, designed and created by Katrina Wright – for maximum
growth. Each month, the workout split changes. All workouts include
warm ups and cool downs designed by our Physical Therapist and
Strength & Conditioning Coach. In-depth form videos & explanations
are included with each exercise. For home workouts, all you need are
dumbbells and a glute band!

Customized Meal Plan Section
Our Registered Dietitian designed a comprehensive meal plan system
to help you become the healthiest version of yourself as you reach
your goals! You can decide if you want to track your calories and
macros, or if you’d prefer to use our intuitive eating meal plans which
give you the option to hide amounts & numbers. We have 4 different
meal plans to choose from: Finding Balance, Hormone Health, Vegan,
and Gluten/Soy/Dairy Free. We focus on easy, quick, yummy, and
affordable recipes!

Customized Mental Health System
Take our mental health quiz and receive a customized mental health
plan for your busy schedule – including Yoga, Breath Work, Journal
Prompts, and more.

Period Tracker
Understand how you can support each phase of your cycle (and see
better results) through exercise, diet, and emotional support.

Monthly Challenges:
Free monthly challenges are included in your membership to help hold
you accountable, to make training even more fun, and to give you an
extra push! Every month, 4 members are chosen to win $500, plus
every winner receives $250 to donate to the charity of their choice!


The Sculpt You
Aug 12, 2022
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