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Gym Log & Workout Tracker for Strength Training, Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting
To maximize your results in the gym you need to track your workouts. RepCount is a quick and simple workout tracker for strength training. During weight lifting or any other type of workout, you can log your workout session, analyze your bodybuilding results and get stronger in no time!

RepCount Workout Tracker has been downloaded more than 350 000 times and is a gym log recommended by powerlifters, bodybuilders and personal trainers all over the world.

With the RepCount workout tracker you can track unlimited basic workouts, add as many fitness routines and add as many custom weightlifting exercises as you like, free without ads. Want more? RepCount Premium gets you an intuitive superset feature, advanced statistics of your progress including graphs of estimated one rep maxes, exercise volume, charts of personal training records and everything that you need from a gym log.


– A workout tracker designed to be fast and simple, so you can focus your gym time on lifting weights and getting stronger.
– Find the best exercises that suits you! Don’t worry, adding your own exercises is super easy.
– Log unlimited number of workouts
– Create unlimited number of programs in RepCounts workout planner.
– A rest timer to keep your gym sessions intense
– Prefills todays training session with the weights from the last workout, to save time and keep you motivated.
– Cardio tracking and logging of calorie burn, distance you cover and duration of your workout


– Hardware accelerated charts of volume, estimated one rep max, heaviest weight, number of reps/sets and much much more.
– Supersets & Drop sets
– Tables of rep records, and seasonal records for each exercise.

RepCount Workout Tracker offers
* The perfect workout tracker for anyone that takes their strength training seriously in the gym. If you are into weightlifting, powerlifting or bodybuilding you need to log training to ensure progressive overload.
* Use RepCount as a workout planner or track your strength training as you go. Your choice!
* Get stronger by improving continuosly. By using a gym log you will never have to think about what weights you had in your last workout.

RepCount is the gym tracker that will take your lifting to the next level!


First class customer support and active development. If you send us an email, expect us to answer it, fast!

If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]


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Aug 25, 2022
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