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Recover Athletics is Strava’s prehab app for athletes. We help athletes fix aches and pains and prevent injury with personalized routines based on your Strava data.

The Recover team works with the world’s best sports physicians and Olympians like Meb Keflezighi to design an app that makes prehab fun and easy. In 90 seconds, the app will customize a program for your body and your training that includes strength, mobility, plyometrics, and other movements to increase injury resilience. These programs are evidence based with exercises that have been shown to reduce aches & pains and help prevent injury.

With this app, you can become a stronger and more injury-proof athlete. Plus, Recover integrates with Strava. This gives you custom prehab reminders and recommendations based on your specific training. Think of it as a prehab coach that lives on your phone.

Your first custom prehab program is free, AND we have a 30 day free trial. Give Recover a try today. Your legs will thank you.


Strava Inc.
Aug 25, 2022
70.11 MB

Recover Athletics is the prehab app for Strava athletes! About the app:
• Recover works with the world's best sports physicians and Olympic athletes to design fun, easy, and effective prehab workouts
• Recover and Strava share an integrated subscription!
• When you subscribe to Recover Premium, you'll automatically unlock a Strava subscription.
• All Strava subscribers get free access to Recover Premium when they log in with Strava.
Check it out and leave a review to let us know what you think!

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