Period Assistant

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Menstrual management tool specially designed for girls. The forecast is accurate, the record is convenient, and there are graphical statistical information to help you understand yourself better.
It is also a girl’s calendar, with menstrual cycles, ovulation periods, ovulation days, safe periods, fertile periods, etc., color marked and clear at a glance.
According to scientific predictions and thoughtful reminders, help you prepare or prevent pregnancy. No longer embarrassing during menstrual period time.

Features and functions:
* The exquisite interactive interface is designed for the beautiful you
* The main panel integrates various reminders of the menstrual cycle, simple and clear
* The main panel records directly, which is very convenient
* The calendar uses a variety of color markings, allowing you to understand clearly and arrange reasonably
* The calendar page can record for each day and display marks
* Can record flow, mood and common menstrual symptoms
* Each menstrual cycle is clearly displayed in a list, and an average value is provided. Use statistics to help you better understand your menstrual period
* You can set to turn on or off menstrual reminder
* You can turn on the password protection function to protect privacy
* Support account login

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FunMkr Team
Aug 26, 2022
9.22 MB

Girl's diary, be pretty every sec
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