Nutrilio: Food Tracker & Water 1.11.8

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Nutrilio is a revolutionary food tracker 🍎 focused on simple journaling, powerful personalization, and advanced insights. Eat, drink & move with your new companion.


Nutrilio is your new pal, which will help you focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet choices. Forget about typical calorie counters and water reminders. Try Nutrilio, which makes tracking much easier, faster, and fun.

Nutrilio is the best app for everybody who starts with a food or water track, wants to lose weight, or just wants to be mindful. If you have food allergies, health symptoms, or mood swings, you would benefit too.

It is proven – the first step to a healthy body is tracking your intake. Just this step will help you to spot harming patterns and allows you to make better choices. And Nutrilio goes further with goals and health tips.


With Nutrilio, you can mix and match your own entry form. Spend time only on things you would like to track. Is it your diet, water, weight, fitness, mood, or health issues? Or maybe the price or origin of your food. We have 30+ categories to explore.

Set up useful reminders after each meal or once a day. When the time is right, fill in the form in a few seconds.

After a few days, you start to see your entries in charts and insights. Find out how often you eat something, how much water your drink, or the typical healthiness of your meal. See how your food influences your symptoms.


✅ See what you eat and drink and reflect on your choices
✅ Stay hydrated and get water reminders
✅ Lose weight and see your progress
✅ Connect your meals with mood, health, and fitness
✅ Get useful insights and healthy tips
✅ Track your health symptoms and review possible causes
✅ Discover your food intolerances and allergies
✅ Create your own resolutions and goals
✅ Become a food tracking expert – it is super simple!


⭐️ Reflect on your diet once a day or take notes after each mealtime
⭐️ Track anything from 30+ categories ranging from food and drinks to places, health, and fitness
⭐️ Use a vast library of icons to customize your tags further
⭐️ Make sure to meet your daily goal for water
⭐️ Set your target weight
⭐️ Explore statistics on every item you decide to track
⭐️ Turn on PIN code, face recognition, or fingerprint to keep your journal safe
⭐️ Export your entries to share or analyze on your own
⭐️ Pick your look and favorite colors
⭐️ Enjoy stunning dark mode even in a daylight

Enjoy the app and don’t forget to leave us a comment!




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