Nail Surgery Foot Doctor Game

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Do you love medical simulation games ? Then, you'll love this game!
Perform various foot treatments on your Patients and heal all sorts of wounds. Pretend to be the best Nail Doctor in town !

Act as a crazy surgeon in this Virtual Foot Surgery Doctor Simulation game treat the injured patients. Your patients desperately needs your medical skills, so help them out. Treat them with real surgery tools.

– Real-like Surgery Tools
– Medical Simulation for various Foot Surgeries
– Treat various patients with injured toes or nails
– Instructions and help for easy to operate surgeries
– No internet or plug-ins needed. Play offline!
Have you ever thought you'd perform a nail surgery? In this game you have each and every instruction on your side, which will explain every step of surgery to you. Just follow the instructions carefully and have fun performing interesting medical surgeries in your own foot and nail clinic.

Being a nail doctor, first you will have to Examine the X-rays to determine the problematic toe or nail in the foot. Scan and medicate various patients who have problems with their nails. Become an excellent surgeon in this amazing nail surgery simulation game.

Each one of the patients that visit your Nail Clinic is having a serious problem with their Foot or Nails. Check the patients, clean the wounded area, remove dust and germs. Keep following the instructions till your patients foot or nail is cured. Have fun!


himanshu shah
Jun 3, 2022
42.95 MB

New Levels added:
1) Cavus Foot Surgery
2) Heel Repair
Keep looking for other new levels coming soon!

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