MyMedi: Mediterranean Diet Tracker & Meal Plan

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MyMedi Mediterranean Diet Guide, Macro Calculator & Journal Tracking:
-Daily Calorie, Carb, Fat, Fiber & Protein Tracker & Counter to keep you focused.
-1000s of approved healthy mediterranean recipes to browse to help you lose weight
-Macro Calculator to give your exact Mediterranean diet macros
-Dark Mode Theme
-The Basics: Plants, Olive Oil and some Fish
-The Benefits: Weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
-Dangers and Side-Effects: Not really, its a healthy diet overall
-FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
-How to Get Started
-Foods: Allowed foods and daily servings
-Foods: Avoid These Specifics
-Tips To Staying On Track
-Recipe Links
-Basic functional shopping list

In-App One Time Purchase of Premium Tracking includes:
-Web Portal: Track your diet using the web app.
-Nutrient logging: Don’t be limited to just macro tracking, manager all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your foods.
-Remove Ads
-Export all your data to csv sheets
-And more

The whole Mediterranean diet is based on the scientific observation that the populations among Crete, Greece and southern Italy have the lowest rates of chronic disease, as well as one of the longest life expectancies. The Mediterranean diet may help you lose weight, offer cancer prevention, diabetes management, and most importantly brain & cardiovascular health.

It is very similar to every other “healthy” diet, since most other ones draw their inspiration from this diet. You will eat lots of vegetables, whole-grains, legumes and nuts, fruits, fish, some poultry & low-fat dairy, tons of olive oil & herbs/spices, a few weekly eggs, and some wine (if that’s your thing). On the other hand, you will restrict red meat, saturated fats, sweets, and processed foods.

The Mediterranean diet is so good for you health because you are getting ample amounts of healthy fats (olive oil, fish, nuts), vitamins, antioxidants & fiber (fruits, veggies, herbs/spices, whole grains and legumes). Conversely you are removing foods that have been scientifically studied to increase our risk of disease like saturated fat and processed sugar. Even if you ignore the observational aspect of the Mediterranean populations’ longevity, the diet is basically what medical doctors and nutritionist will recommended to you because it is nutritionally solid and does not require crazy restrictions or abnormal eating habits.

The information in this app is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. MyMedi encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.
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