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Chemistry Pad is the best chemistry app .
Chemistry Pad provides free chemistry :

— All Topics,
— All Definitions ,
— All Reactions
— All Basic Introduction ,
— All Branches Guide,
— All Laws Guide,

and the periodic table in One Application . It helps you to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, and increase your knowledge.

This education application is formatted for all levels of chemistry from primary school to university. Its material design with clean interface allows students to focus on particular areas in the subject.

• Over 20 vital chemistry Concepts
• Chemistry Dictionary with over 500 definitions
• Detailed information about Chemical Elements
• Class ( 9th , 10th , 11th ,12th )All Books Chapters
• Know about great Chemists who made chemistry
• Dark theme for late night sessions

All Chemistry Topics
Contains over 20 most vital and basic chemistry concepts. Every topic is going through a brief introduction to the concept and visualized with a beautiful icon. And we include Basic Chemistry to revise and as a reference. Each unit contains examples, equations and the detailed description which are formatted for all level of chemistry from primary school to university.

Quick reference Definitions
Chemistry dictionary which contains all things and terms. All definitions are briefly explained with simple language and equipped .

In depth look on Chemical Elements
Elements are presented in increasing atomic number. Every element is briefly described with their Atomic, Thermodynamic and Material Properties. As a result, it provides a useful framework for analyzing chemical behaviour and is widely used in chemistry and other sciences.

Know about great Chemists
Know more about people who contributed to chemistry to study different aspects of nature. Contains more than 50 Scientist describing their inventions and awards they achieved.

Search, get results now
Search anything you want to know and explore the physics world. Users can search topics, definitions, elements and chemists to get results instantly.

This app covers following topics:
• Basic Chemistry
• Atomic Structure
• Branches of Chemistry
• Chemical Reactions
• States of Matter
• Chemical Bonding
• Thermodynamics
• Chemical Equilibrium
• Ionic Equilibrium
• Redox Reactions
• Colloidal State
• Hydrogen
• The S-Block Elements
• The P-Block Elements
• Environmental Chemistry
• Characterization of Organic Compounds
• General Organic Chemistry
• Hydrocarbons
• Nuclear Chemistry
• Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry Pad allows you to find chemical reactions . You'll always have Mendeleev's Periodic Table and Solubility table handy.

this app can find the equations of chemical reactions even if the right or left part is unknown, it helps you with organic and inorganic chemistry. The discovered reactions will be displayed in a usual and ionic form. Organic chemistry formulas are drawn by the app.

Convenient interactive Mendeleev's Periodic table. Tap a chemical element in the table to find more information about it.

Know all About Periodic Table elements with Atomic numbers Pad Complete detail provided.

The table of solubility of substances is added to the app. Now your textbooks become waste!

All these tables and charts are available in the app for free:

* Solubility table
* Electronegativities of the elements
* Molecular masses of organic substances
* Reactivity series of metals.


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