Klinio: Diabetes Meal Tracker

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🩸Klinio is a personalized diabetes tracker & log app and your weight loss assistant. Our diabetic meal planner and carb counter will help you to organize your meals and to find healthy recipes for diabetics. Manage and monitor your weight and glucose levels easily – Track your health progress!
The app is created for people struggling with diabetes-related issues such as high blood sugar levels, weight gain, high cholesterol, and more.
Our program offers flexible customization while staying within the recommended amounts of carbs, sugar, cholesterol, and other essential metrics.
Our team of qualified nutritionists created these diabetes management plans and diet recipes to help you improve your health, lose weight, track your diabetes.
We believe that every person deserves to live the best life possible. Therefore, we ensured that you would enjoy this diet without being forced to eat the foods you don’t like.
Our fitness professionals also prepared a list of exercises that you can do without any equipment. Boost your chances of achieving desired results, anywhere and anytime with a diabetes weight loss program. Workout at home!
We work to cater to your successful transition into a healthier lifestyle and guide you along the way with 24/7 support. Try it out today and get ready for positive, life-changing results!
Get a customizable meal plan that’s created to fit your body’s needs: your total calorie intake, recommended amount of carbs, sugar, cholesterol, and other vital metrics. You can also find healthy recipes for diabetics, and our carb counter will help you to reduce carbs intake.
Find all your meal plan ingredients faster and easier with a categorized weekly shopping list.
Complete simple yet effective challenges or opt-out for a personal workout plan that’s entirely based on your preferences. Workout at home and improve your health with our diabetes weight loss program!
Easily monitor & track your glucose levels, HbA1c, medications, and carbs in one place! Most importantly, use this data for your doctor checkups to ensure that your treatment plan keeps up with your condition. Track your steps and calories burned. Sync glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate and steps data from thousands of apps via Health app.
Always stay up-to-date with your recent app activities. Track your daily meals, workout and health progress, and even water intake. Keep a diabetes log on a daily basis
➡️➡️➡️ Download our diabetes tracker & log app and start monitoring and improving your condition. Find healthy recipes for diabetics and organize your diet with our meal planner and carb counter. Start with your diabetes weight loss journey!

Disclaimer: Before making medical decisions, check with your doctor.
Terms and Conditions: https://klinio.com/general-conditions/
Privacy Policy: https://klinio.com/data-protection-policy/


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