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Keto Manager & ketogenic Diet Tracker is simple and most comprehensive low carb diet manager, and macros tracker tool powered by speech recognition technology. The app brings valuable Keto insights in just one tap, as well as makes it quick & easy for you to track everything which matters to you most in your weight loss journey.

With a few taps Search, Scan, or Create a custom meal, Log it, and Track your results!

This app will be your ultimate digital whole food diary for Ketogenic lifestyle. A simple word, this keto app will help you lose it and keep it off. There are plenty of amazing features included for FREE!

So wherever you go you have an app to track your whole food via search, camera and voice. Scan barcodes, use your device’s microphone to say what you ate, create custom meals, or use our HUGE databases of common whole foods, restaurant, grocery and USDA!

Keto Manager with watch weight is your all in one destination for living a healthy low carb high fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We’ve included low carb diet articles, recipes, a meal planner, guide and much more.

Whether you are on a Keto app – Ketogenic diet plan, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, Balanced, Zone, Body Building diet, Keto Manager – whole food can help you stay motivated .

Keto Manager can be beneficial to thousands of diabetics for carb counting to control carb intake. Track blood sugar, ketones, and net carbs to get a overview of your health and help manage your diabetes.


1. Voice recognition technology: no more manual search and data input
2. Automatic macro and net carb-Manager
3. Extensive guide to educate you about keto diet
4. Low-carb eating insights
5. Track your exercise
6. Easy-to-navigate design
7. Helps to lose weight or maintain and Watch weight


We have simplified meal tracking process, where you don’t need to search for the required ingredient or dish manually – just say it to Keto Manger. The rest is on us.


With a Keto diet app ( Keto Diat ), it is very important to keep track and measurements of all nutrition you eat. Now, all your protein, fat, carb and net carbs are calculated and recorded automatically within the app system.

Additionally, you can:

* keep an eye on your macro goal progress,
* determine your nutrition intake for other diets,
* increase your knowledge about ketogenic diet and Ketogenic diet plan.
* keep track of calorie intake,
* review your food history in the journal,
* measure your nutrition level.


When it comes to macro tracker, Keto Manager will be your companion. All you have to do is enter your data, goal, and say what you have eaten during the day. As a result, enjoy your daily breakdown of all the elements consumed.

Download now and start your weight loss transformation journey today.

Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of Keto Manager. PRO Subscriptions are available in two option:

– 1 month for USD $4.99
-12 months for USD $29.99

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Please consult your health care provider before undertaking any diet.
If you experience any issues please contact us by the built-in feedback option in the settings section of the app.
Please note, we are not endorsed or affiliated with any weight loss ( Weight Loose ) system.


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Aug 2, 2022
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In this update, we have worked on improving data reliability and transfer for users. Bug fixes and crashes resolved.

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