High School Chemistry Practice

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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools – Best Education App – 2016 Appy Awards ***

Chemistry can seem like a foreign language to any student. Between acids, bases, ionic compounds, and nonpolar bonds, there are so many concepts that can trip students up. The free Varsity Tutors High School Chemistry app for Android devices can simplify chemistry by thoroughly explaining and testing students on a number of foundational chemistry concepts.

A student facing a daunting exam on chemical reactions can read through the app’s easy-to-follow explanations for balancing reactions, identifying reaction equilibrium, and understanding addition, dissociation, double-replacement, and oxidation-reduction reactions. Users can then test themselves on a specific idea, or take one of our full-length practice exams – which cover everything from atoms to thermochemistry – to prep for a final.

Students can also track and share their improvement in the app’s Tests Taken feature, which allows the user to easily send test scores to teachers and tutors. The feature also offers a review of the student’s performance, breaking down by concept area which questions the user answered successfully and which can be improved upon.

Students can even choose flashcards from the app’s collection, or create their own using the app’s adaptive Flashcard Maker tool. For an easy mobile studying experience, try the Varsity Tutors High School Chemistry app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets today.


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Dec 21, 2021
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