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Hero is a fasting tracker to help you in your weight loss journey. No matter what your goals to be healthy from keto, calorie counting or low carb – our simple intermittent fasting app can help you!
Free to start intermittent fasting today!
-Fasting timer and fasting tracker
-Select a fasting plan that fits you
-App is suitable for beginners and advance users
-No need to yo-yo diet just follow a fasting plan!
-100% Free without any ads!
The intermittent fasting diet has been made popular by celebrities like Beyoncé and Hugh Jackman from one of the most ancient eating pattern behaviors known to mankind. The IF diet has many benefits! Hero Simple Fasting Tracker is an effective weight-loss method that us easy to follow.
Hero is a simple app to help you in your intermittent fasting journey!
-Reach your health goals with IF
-You can lose fat and gain muscle as you get healthier
-Users can combine Intermittent Fasting with other nutrition plans
-Easily integrate with Keto, Paleo and Low Carb diets!
There are many benefits to a simple fasting diet
-Use a sustainable plan to achieve your ideal body type
-Unlock the strength in your immune system and your body’s self healing mechanism
-Fasting can help you detoxify your body with fasting cell regenerating processes
-Helps with anti-aging and increase your quality of life
-Some users report a decrease in allergies and inflammations
-Improve your skin
Some of our fasting protocols include the popular 16-hour fast (16:8) as well as the circadian rhythm fasting method. Most popular ones are included as well (18:6, 20:4, 14:10 and OMAD one meal a day)
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May 10, 2021
21.78 MB

Minor bug fixes to improve the fasting app experience

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