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The open-world action title Grand Theft Auto 5 is once again set in the Los Angeles-like city of Los Santos and its surrounding area, which was already the setting for GTA: San Andreas. The player slips into the roles of three main characters: the ex-bank robber and family man Michael, the washed-up professional criminal Trevor and the small-time gangster Franklin. You can switch between the characters at almost any time. While the player takes over one role, the lives of the other two continue automatically. In addition to the main and side missions, many other activities are available, such as car racing or various sports. With GTA Online, GTA 5 also includes a multiplayer component in which the online world is dynamically expanded. The revised version offers, among other things, improved graphic effects, an expanded animal world, denser traffic and additional weapons and vehicles compared to the original release.

Now new in GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises

The Criminal Enterprises is a comprehensive update that adds new missions and improvements to GTA Online, including new business opportunities for criminal careers, sophisticated new contact missions in which you act as an IAA agent, and much more.

Southern San Andreas is in the midst of an economic crisis. Gasoline prices are at their highest levels in decades, retail supply chains are lying idle, and on top of it all, the state is suffering from a killer heat wave. The resulting chaos has lucrative implications for executives, bikers, nightclub owners and gun runners. Meanwhile, the sudden price spike at the gas station is attracting the attention of the IAA, which suspects that the corrupt Duggan oil family is exploiting the system in their favor. The Agency will need your help to find out the truth.


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