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Google Health Studies lets you securely contribute to health research studies with leading institutions, right from your phone. Volunteer for studies that matter to you and represent your community.

Simply download the app and enroll in a study.

Help researchers make advancements in medicine, healthcare and wellbeing:

  • Self-report symptoms and other data
  • Volunteer for multiple studies in one app
  • Track your information with digital health reports
  • Learn research findings from the studies you participate in
  • Share your Fitbit data with researchers

Help scientists better understand digital wellbeing.
The newest study available is a digital wellbeing study conducted by the Center for Digital Mental Health at the University of Oregon. If you participate in this study, you’ll provide data to help researchers understand how patterns of smartphone use are associated with mental and physical wellbeing.

You’re in control of your data: In the digital wellbeing study, analyses are conducted on-device to limit the upload of any raw data. You may withdraw from the study at any time, and data will only be collected with your informed consent.

Your input matters: Google Health Studies aims to create opportunities for more people to participate in health research. By contributing, you’ll represent your community and start improving the future of health for everyone.


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Jul 25, 2022
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