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YOU NEED TO HAVE A GLUCOMETER (The app DOES NOT measure the blood levels, nor the phone will measure your blood levels, it DOES NOT work like this).

Please, do not rate the app if you think that by means of the phone you are going to measure the blood levels, that does not exist.


Glucose Control is an application that is created and designed to be a great help tool for people of any age, taking control of the glucose levels of a person with diabetes.

With this application you can add:

* The glucose level data.
* Set up alarms so you do not forget to take your medication.
* Record your lab tests and/or medical tests.
* Information of allowed and not allowed foods for a diabetic person.
* Feeding tips among others.
* You can see in a graph, the behavior of your blood sugar levels according to your aggregated data.
* Informative table of glucose values for diabetic and prediabetic people.
* It also contains the possibility of taking control of several users, at the same time!.
* You can create a profile for a diabetic and prediabetic person.
* You can create your own list of medications and insulins.
* You can even export all your data in an Excel and send them to the people you want, including your doctor.
* If your glucometer measures in Mol, don't worry, you can convert to mg/dL

We assure you that it will be a great tool for glucose control.

This is a control tool, before making any decision, do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

If you have any problem or suggestion on how to improve it, do not hesitate to write us from the "comments or suggestions" section or an email to [email protected]. Thank you!


Apr 4, 2022
69.64 MB


Version Size Requirements Date
2.2.5 68.64 MB 6.0 08/09/2022

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