Epson Spectrometer

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This is a dedicated app for the Epson SD-10 spectrophotometer.

– The portable, compact, and easy to use SD-10 partnered with this app allows you to not only measure the color of indoor printed materials and Color Collections, but also measure outdoor signs and bulletin boards.
– You can import measurement data to the app without complicated cable connections.
– You can manage the colors imported to your app as reference colors, inspect them by comparing with a Color Collection, and check if the colors can be reproduced by the printer you are using.

[Main Features]
Color measurement:
– Epson’s original sensing technology realizes high-precision color measurement with a single tap in this app.

– Displays the measured colors in a variety of color spaces (Lab, LCh, RGB, CMYK, and LRV).
– Searches and displays approximate colors from the PANTONE® Color Collection provided with this app.
– Suggests colors that harmonize with the measured color.

– Compares measured colors to a Color Collection to determine the color difference.
– Determines if the measured color can be reproduced by the printer you are using.

– Adjust color measurements to create a different color.

– Add a variety of information (favorites, location, photos, and notes) to measured colors.
– Create Color Collections (Color Palettes) to suit your needs.

Linking features:
– Create Color Swatch and Color Book files that can be imported into Adobe® Illustrator® and Photoshop®.

– The Epson SD-10 spectrophotometer is required to use this app.
– This app connects to the SD-10 by Bluetooth®.
– Emails such as “Send emails to developers” will be used for future service improvements. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to individual inquiries.


Seiko Epson Corporation
Sep 11, 2022
64 MB

This release brings some improvements to make the app more stable.

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