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🥗 Kick off a lifetime of healthy eating through keto. 🥗

With Eative, you get to experience real weight loss results, while still eating lots of the foods you love. With 1000+ recipes in our Keto Meal Plans, there’s something for every preference, healthy cooking level, and taste. Here are just a few of the perks of joining the Eative family:

✅ Personalized Keto Meal Plan, designed based on your preferences and health goals
✅ +1000 Delicious, Fast & Easy-to-follow recipes
✅ LearnEat: A complete Keto Diet guide for beginners
✅ Grocery list builder

💪 Go ahead— Move one step closer to your goals. 💪

By committing to a healthy, keto lifestyle, not only are you likely to lose weight, but there are many other benefits you could experience:

🏋️ Stronger immune system
😴 Better sleep
🔋 More energy
😎 Increased self confidence
🫶 Improved overall health

🙋 How does this Healthy Diet App work? 🙋

1️ You take a short quiz to see what works for your body type. All bodies are not the same, so why would you settle for cookie-cutter solutions? We only create personalized diets and meal plans, based on individual bodies and preferences, not focus groups. This quiz helps us get a good idea of what will work for you and you alone!

2️ Our specialists craft a healthy diet plan that is tailored to you. With easy-to-find, affordable ingredients and recipes designed for beginners, you won’t need more than 30 minutes to make your meal and help your body start burning fat.

3️ Your own unique, healthy menu is ready, and so is our Eative App! Download your menu and the Eative App for easy tracking of daily, healthy meals, a keto guide for beginners, a grocery list builder, and much more. With Eative, you get to experience real weight-loss results, while still eating lots of the foods you love.

🤔 What is Keto and Why is it right for you? 🤔

The Keto Diet is a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat, balanced diet that helps you lose weight for good, both quickly and safely, through the fat-burning state of ketosis. Simply speaking, when you take away carbs, your body burns fat for energy instead.

☑️ It doesn’t leave you hungry! Keto is changing the game with filling, tasty meals. Say goodbye to mindless snacking and diets that leave you hungry between meals.

☑️ It actually works! Keto has helped so many people renew their self confidence and feel better than they ever have, by achieving sustainable weight loss.

☑️ It’s backed by science! Many keto dieters have reported better sleep, better moods, increased energy levels, stronger immune systems, and lower blood pressure.

😃 Are you tired of diets that don’t work? Of never being able to lose weight? Then Eative is for you! 😃

🧭 Integrate Healthy Eating into your Lifestyle, sustainably. By way of education and positivity, we want to empower you to take charge of your own health and to make decisions about it on your own terms.

🎯 Lose weight while eating delicious foods. Most diets don’t let you eat the foods you like. Eative is different. With 1000+ easy-to-follow, tasty, keto recipes, you’ll lose weight AND enjoy your food. This is your best way to lose weight for good.

✨ Weight loss made easy. If you’re tired of over-complicated diets, then Eative is for you. With easy-to-find, affordable ingredients, and recipes designed for beginners, you won’t need more than 30 minutes to make your meal and help your body start burning fat.

❤️ Reinvent your eating habits with keto. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to make health a long-term part of your life. No more fad diets or yo-yo effect—just good habits. We’ll guide you towards a happy weight, long term.

😌 Redefine your relationship with food. 😌

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