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Detox Me is the most reliable healthy lifestyle guide that empowers you to eliminate toxic chemicals from your daily life with simple, research-based tips on reducing your exposures. Many chemicals in consumer product are linked with health effects including cancer, asthma, thyroid disease, and developmental problems. Whether you are looking for advice on a better dish soap, a new sofa, or alternative cleaning products, Detox Me arms you with knowledge about the dangers of certain chemicals commonly found in everyday products, such as hormone disruptors, and guides you to make safer choices. Our guide goes beyond just what you buy; it also shows you how making small changes in your daily routine can put you on a path to better health.

Created by leading scientific experts at Silent Spring Institute, we believe knowledge is not just power, but a prescription for prevention.

• Over 270 tips in 6 categories: Home, Food and Drink, Clothing, Personal Care, Cleaning, and Children, with Smart Guides for the Top 10 tips in each category. Learn about chemicals in your products and explore ways to avoid them.

• DIY recipes to replace commercial products that contain endocrine disruptors and other toxics with simple, non-toxic ingredients

• Search for products or scan product barcodes at stores or in your home to see relevant tips

• Track your progress by marking which tips you are doing and which ones you are working on and earn badges by taking action

• Get reminders about tips

• Share tips with your family and friends

“A clever way to avoid toxic chemicals in everyday products.” – The Huffington Post

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions- email us at [email protected] to get in touch!

About Silent Spring Institute:
Silent Spring Institute, located in Newton, Mass., is the leading scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the link between chemicals in our everyday environments and women’s health, with a focus on breast cancer prevention. Founded in 1994, the institute is developing innovative tools to accelerate the transition to safer chemicals, while translating its science into policies that protect health. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @SilentSpringIns


Silent Spring Institute
Jun 9, 2022
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