WhatsApp: How to change the status message

The WhatsApp status message appears in the contact list next to the user profile. The status message says whether we are busy or, for example, at the cinema.

You have two options: Choose between preset status messages or write a personal message. We explain how to change the Status on a smartphone.

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the settings

First, open WhatsApp on your Android, tap the three dots and then tap Status.

2. Profile picture and status message

Your current profile picture with the status message appears here.

3. Open edit mode

Then tap the pencil icon next to your old status.

You can use emoticons for your status message as you wish.

Alternatively, write a short sentence or combine a funny smiley with your message.

Change your Status on WhatsApp as often as you want. You can find funny sayings for your status message on the Internet.

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