WhatsApp groups: Change or add admin

he group function in WhatsApp is a great feature: it allows several people to chat and exchange information in a shared, private group without much effort. Any number of chat members can be admins in a WhatsApp group chat. Only the admin can invite other people to the group and remove troublemakers. You can also set that only admins can edit the group information or even be the only person allowed to write in the group.

Add WhatsApp group admin
Once you have created the WhatsApp group, you can give each member editing rights. You can also revoke admin status at any time. However, as the group creator, no one can revoke your admin rights, even if the member is a group admin themselves.

-Open “WhatsApp Messenger” and select the “Chats” overview.
-Select the group chat in which you are the admin.
-Tap on the menu icon (⋮) at the top right and select the “Group info” option in the context menu.
-Swipe down to the overview of participants and tap on the person you want to give admin status to.
-Finally, select the “Appoint as group admin” option.

You can also remove someone’s admin rights in the same way. Proceed as described above and tap on the group admin whose rights you want to revoke at point 4. Then select the item “Remove admin status”.

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