WhatsApp goes one better: A new voice chat function is here

If you’re often in large WhatsApp groups, you’re probably familiar with the problem. Sometimes, you need help getting to the point in writing, no matter how hard you try to clarify things in the chat. This is exactly when voice chat comes into play, but it is only activated in a limited form.

WhatsApp activates voice chat function for large groups
WhatsApp has repeatedly expanded the group functions in recent months. Many people can now communicate in a group, leading to new problems. To counteract this, WhatsApp has now activated the voice chat function. If communication via text or voice message is insufficient, you can now start a voice chat without fuss.

If you are in a large group with 33 to 128 people, a new icon will appear at the top right next to the group name. If you click on it, you will start a voice chat, but it will not ring the phones of up to 128 participants. Instead, only a notification is sent. So everyone can decide whether they want to be part of this conversation.

Like a normal call, the voice chat can be controlled via smartphone notifications. So you can move around in WhatsApp and do other things at the same time while you are in the voice chat.

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