Top Game Apps on CrazyAPKs for July 2022

We have some perfect new apps for you if you are looking to discover new and exciting games! Every month our editorial team reviews the most downloaded games on CrazyAPKs and selects the best to be featured on our Top Game Apps of the Month.

These are the top-rated Android game apps last month.


This futuristic RPG is worth checking out for its stunning graphics, mayhem gods and engaging characters.

Dislyte can be played in the standard Gacha RPG format. This gives it a refreshing twist due to the unique moves that all characters have. You can also play a new game called DJ Battle. You must hit all the EDM notes, much like DJ Hero. You’ll be awarded prizes if you succeed, which can be used for advancement in the game.

Donut Punks

Amazing graphics, zombies, and donuts. What more could you ask for?

This game features a cartoonish 3D design. It is set during the zombie apocalypse. You and your fellow players will fight for DONUTS, which is the only thing that really matters in an apocalyptic environment.

Donut Puks is reminiscent of other popular MOBAs (like BrawlStars), making it fun and easy to follow. You will have hours of entertainment with the many game modes and amazing characters.


Technology is constantly evolving, which means that we have new ways to entertain ourselves and have fun on our mobile devices. Upland is here to help.

Upland is a familiar concept for many people. It seems to have been inspired by Monopoly, a classic board game. However, it also incorporates blockchain technology. The in-game world of Upland is a mirror of the real world and all its real properties. These virtual properties can be bought and traded with the in-game currency UPX. The best part? You can convert this currency into real-world cash, which allows players to make real money playing. These games are called Play-to-Earn and you will find them on CrazyAPKs.

Upland’s team is continually adding new features to the game, making it seem like there are infinite possibilities. The world is changing and Upland offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends in Android.

These were the top-downloaded CrazyAPKs games last month! Give them a shot and let us know your thoughts!

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