The best messaging app for teamwork

Slack is the most popular free instant messaging app for companies and freelancers worldwide. Based on teamwork, Slack makes creating virtual collaborative work environments easy. These are groups in which each member can share messages, exchange files, organize meetings, or conduct video conferences with just a few clicks. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and outstanding results, this innovative app is the perfect partner for remotely organizing, managing and implementing a wide range of projects. Slack outperforms rivals such as Teams, Discord, or Notion and represents a revolution in online coworking.

What is Slack?

Slack is an enterprise messaging program designed to facilitate communication between different workgroups and optimize employees’ workflow in the same company or remotely. Its ease of use, extensive feature set, and excellent results have made Slack a fundamental part of any remote project.

Slack offers different plans and prices, ranging from a free plan for small workgroups with more modest features to a powerful business plan for large organizations. All plans are fully featured and allow users to get the most out of this platform, regardless of their financial capacity.

Communicate securely with Slack Connect

Slack Connect is a secure and effective way to communicate and collaborate with people outside your company or project. Thanks to this exciting feature, Slack creates a safe environment where you can communicate with partners, customers, and suppliers without using long email threads. This way, you can talk, work, and contract with other companies through their secure channels accessible through the Slack user interface.

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