The best apps to save money

With the right apps, smartphones become true bargain hunters. We present you our list of the best apps to save money.


Amazon is one of the world’s leading online retailers, with offshoots in many countries. With the Amazon app, you can access all Amazon stores. The Amazon app also has a barcode scanner for spontaneous price comparisons. In addition to Amazon’s product catalog, you can find offers from other providers.

Amazon outshines competitors with its perfectly designed online store and first-class delivery service. Amazon also usually plays in the first row when it comes to prices.

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You can access one of the largest online marketplaces with the eBay app. In addition to the classic auctions, you can find fixed-price offers for thousands of products on eBay. With the help of the built-in barcode scanner, the app is perfect for price comparisons on the go. This way, you immediately know whether an offer delivers what the dealer promises full-bodied. And for used goods, there is probably no better treasure trove than eBay.

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Groupon is one of the best apps for bargain hunters. Groupon offers daily changing discount deals in beauty, wellness, sports, leisure, and restaurants for cities in 43 countries. The deals only come about if there are enough interested parties.

The Groupon app is great for impulse buys, with prices well below market levels. If you use the app daily, it’s only a matter of time before there’s something for you, too.

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