Snapchat – Easily share photos and videos with friends

Snapchat is used to take photos and send them to friends. The recipient can only view the images for ten seconds, as the app automatically deletes the data. The photos can no longer be viewed or saved with the app.

Automatic countdown

The Snapchat concept: you take a photo with the in-app camera. A text with a maximum of 40 characters is added to the picture. Or you can draw a beard or devil horns in the picture using the drawing function. You can then choose how long the recipient can view the picture. Finally, select a contact and send the picture.

Anyone who receives a Snapchat message presses the button on the app to view the message. A countdown counts down the time until the message expires. You can also send videos via Snapchat. Also new: Snapchat Stories. This allows friends to view the pictures sent to them as often as they like within 24 hours.

A small swipe gesture takes you to the Discover option. This function allows you to quickly and easily gain insights into different content in Snapchat.

Swiping over a contact opens a chat window to send text messages. In true Snapchat style, the messages disappear when the recipient has read them.

A small icon at the bottom of the screen informs you of all Snapchat friends who are currently online. Start a video call directly on Snapchat by tapping the shutter button.

Caution is advised despite the delete function
Snapchat uses the phone number as ID. Friends are added via the phone book or the Facebook and Twitter accounts. When you open the app, the camera is activated immediately. The buttons at the bottom of the screen take you to the contact list and messages.

The menu can be accessed via the messages. Navigation is a little awkward. You first must return to the camera from the messages to reach the contact list from there. However, as the app only has a few functions, you will quickly get the hang of it.

Snapchat offers the option of automatically deleting sent pictures in the app. However, there is never absolute security. You never know whether the recipient has found a way to save Snapchat images. Snapchat also has the dubious reputation of being the best app for sexting. Our advice: You should never send overly personal photos via Snapchat, as many apps now allow you to save Snapchat images.

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