Romeo Dating App Review – A Popular Gay Dating Mobile Experience


Romeo Dating App Review Info

romeo dating app review

The Romeo dating app has been around for a while, although, many legacy users likely know it by its old names, Planet Romeo or GayRomeo. Today, the Romeo dating app is known by a single namesake, likely to condense branding efforts. Or, maybe someone with “planet” in their name became jaded.

Developed by ROMEO B.V., the overall ratings across both Android and IoS are very good. On IoS, Romeo dating pulls in 4.3 stars and over 7,700 ratings. On Android, where the app is much more popular, it has a 4 star ranking with over 5 million total downloads.

You must be 17 year of age or older to use the Romeo dating app.

Our initial crucial Romeo dating app review point – this is a gay dating app. This gay dating app, ads free experience, is one of the more popular dating apps in both the Android and IoS app stores.

Romeo dating’s app experience is tailored for gay, bi, and trans people alike. The Romeo dating app prides itself in dating diversity.

The idea with Romeo dating is that you sign up and chat with folks in your local area. That’s pretty much the centerpiece experience for all dating apps, but it’s important to mention all the same.

The Romeo app features a number of free experiences, such as unlimited scrolling, video messaging, chatting, profile customization, and concealing your location to others. You can also share some pics, but not all.

Now, if you want to pay for Romeo dating there’s a more extensive line of features available. For example, you can conceal your visits to profiles you browse. This feature is a big one for many who use dating apps. While allowing others to see when you browse their profile can be a way to instigate communications, some people want to browse in privacy. The Romeo paid membership allows private browsing and this is likely the biggest selling point for the paid experience.

There’s also other options such as hiding your online status and saving an unlimited amount of profiles. You can view a weeks worth of profile visit information. Meaning, you can see who’s looked at your profile for up to a single week’s worth of time.

Overall, the Romeo dating app is a wildly popular gay dating experience with wonderful reviews. It’s approved in both the Android and IoS app stores and is largely considered safe. That said, its always best to practice safe surfing when using any app.

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