Repairing a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch yourself – what should you look out for?

If a technical device such as a smartwatch or smartphone breaks down, you are faced with a choice: either buy a new one or repair it, with many people opting for the latter option. A repair is usually not only cheaper than a new purchase, but also has other advantages. After all, repairing defective smartphones or smartwatches avoids electronic waste and protects the environment. If you want to repair the device yourself, you should keep a few points in mind.

  1. Uses the right parts and tools
    If you want to repair your smartwatch or other technical devices yourself, you can find many offers for suitable spare parts on the Internet. It is important that you find the spare part that exactly fits the device and model. However, the quality of the offers also differs, sometimes considerably. This is especially true for spare parts of Apple products, such as the iPhone or the Apple Watch, since there have only been a few official spare parts for them for a short time. Those who buy other spare parts should therefore pay close attention to the quality.

    Otherwise, the new display might not fit properly after installation or the battery might not have the expected capacity. Suitable tools for the repair are also important, since special tools are needed, which only very few people already have. Here, it is important to make sure to buy all the tools necessary for the repair, so that nothing is missing during the repair later. Tool sets for the respective spare parts are practical here.
  2. Inform yourself in advance
    When repairing smartphones or similar devices, you come into contact with sensitive parts. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly how to proceed with the repair, which is why you should inform yourself about the procedure in advance. You should also allow enough time for the repair so that you can really work carefully. Otherwise, you may accidentally damage something or lose a small part.

    Before you start the repair, it is also recommended that you back up the data on the device to an external storage device, if possible. Also, it’s important not to wear static materials, such as wool, nylon or fleece, during the repair. Unintentional discharges could otherwise damage the fine electronics in the device. Although modern devices are secured against electrostatic discharges, it is better not to risk anything.
  3. If in doubt, go to a specialist
    If you encounter problems during repair or are not sure about some steps, it is better to leave the repair in expert hands. This is especially true if you have no experience with repairing technical devices. In the worst case, repairing the device on your own can cause additional damage, which can lead to the device no longer being usable or can only be salvaged for a lot of money if the defect is actually minor.

    For a repair of an Apple Watch or smartphones of all brands, you can simply send the device to a repair service nowadays and have it returned fully functional.

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