New app aims to change lives: Apple plans profound change in iOS 17

The next iPhone update, iOS 17, is due in September. Codenamed “Jurassic,” Apple is working on a new diary app that will be deeply integrated into the operating system and change users’ lives.

As expected, Apple is planning many features for the next major version of its iPhone operating system. Now, information about a new feature to be firmly anchored in iOS 17 has leaked.
As the Wall Street Journal reports, an innovative diary app is currently being developed under the name “Jurassic,” which is supposed to automatically document the user’s everyday life. It is supposed to be modeled on the multiple award-winning app Day One, which has been around for many years.

Diary app in iOS 17: Intelligent through a lot of data

The new app is supposed to automatically detect and log the user’s daily routine using data collected by iOS. However, the data processing should occur purely locally on the end device. In addition to iPhones, iPads and Macs are also to be supported.
The new app will be offered as part of Apple’s Health services and will also use fitness data. The app will also work closely with the Apple Watch and provide access to numerous other data, such as locations, weather, photos, and videos.
In addition to access to calls and messages, the app is also expected to recognize encounters with other people. Apple and Google already provided the relevant technology for encounter detection for Corona warning apps during the pandemic.
Based on the collected data, Jurassic is supposed to learn the typical daily routine of users gradually and thus also detect deviations from everyday life. The app should also suggest appropriate input for possible topics when writing diaries.

App store alternatives get competition

Whether it’s a simple paper replacement or an interactive mood tracker, numerous journal apps let you keep your diary on your smartphone. Many apps offer innovative features to capture your memories.

For iOS users, there should soon be a strong competitor with “Jurassic”, which comes with every iPhone and works ideally with the operating system, as is typical for Apple.
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