How to protect your photos on the smartphone

Disable synchronization of photos

You can never be too careful. If your smartphone has an Internet connection via WiFi, the device automatically synchronizes the photos with iCloud, Dropbox, or Google. With these instructions, you can stop the synchronization on the Android smartphone. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Photos.
After that, you can snap photos and delete them at will. Photos that you want to keep, you can upload manually.
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More security through two-stage confirmation

There needs to be more than the password alone. With two-step confirmation, you get another code on your smartphone when you log in to iCloud from another device.

This way, hackers have no chance to get your photos. For that, the data thief would need the code in your smartphone.

Set up a screen lock

Using your smartphone without a screen lock is as dangerous as leaving your keys in the car.

You can activate Touch ID or a PIN lock on the iPhone or iPad. On Android, Pattern or Face Unlock are easy ways to increase security. On iOS, you can also have the data deleted after three failed attempts.

Was your cell phone stolen? – Wipe data remotely

If the phone has been stolen or lost, you can first locate the device via Find My iPhone for iOS devices or Google Play for Android smartphones.
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Hide photos in invisible folders
However, if several people use a smartphone or tablet, they can hide the photos with apps like Picture Safe for iPhone and iPad or Hide Something for Android. These work like invisible and password-protected folders.

Use cameras that leave no trace
The cameras integrated into iPhones or Android smartphones store photos in the main folder and synchronize them in the cloud if necessary. But that’s where data thieves look first.

You can take photos and protect them better with alternative cameras like Snapchat for Android and iOS or Private Camera Pro for iPhones. Snapchat destroys them, but Private Camera saves the pictures in a private folder.
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