Google is ‘Glowing Up’ Android Robot in Fabulous Style

Mostly, you care about how your Android devices work seamlessly within their OS ecosystem and across other devices. You yearn for an efficient battery and an intuitive bluetooth connection to your hanging shower speaker. You probably don’t care about that Google Android robot. Or maybe you do. And if so, you’re our type of bro or bro’ett.

Google is showing out their famous robot logo with a new look. The new look is more of an additional glow, or beam, and less an overhaul. But the change is pretty dramatic.

The robot’s head is already showcasing a bit of a 3 dimensional appearance in Google’s recent marketing campaigns. And that’s only the start. At Google’s I/O 2023 keynote, where the team famously introduced the new Generative AI snapshot search appearance, the company also divulged these 3D versions.

You can see them breaching the screen again, here:

Those creatures are pretty dope. They truly embody that alien vibe we expect. And moreso now than before.

And, there’s more. (yes, we can see you’re billowing with excitement!)

The Android title and logo are getting a makeover, as well. See it here.

“We’re showcasing some elements of our new brand identity on various surfaces, including our CES booth from earlier this year and other campaign materials like digital and banner ads,” Google said in a statement to 9to5Google. “We’ll have more to share in the coming months.” I’m guessing that means we’ll see more alongside the official release of Android 14.”

Google is racing against its new arch competitor, ChatGPT and Microsoft, in a battle for market share supremacy. Although ChatGPT hasn’t overtaken Google and the disparity remains wide in Google’s favor, Google has admitted they are behind the 8-ball in the AI market. Is a brand refresh another passive way to remain relevant and appear more modern?

“Even if Google in the new world gets 60 per cent, ChatGPT gets 30 per cent and everybody else gets crumbs of 10 per cent, you go from 90 per cent to 60 per cent,” said Michael Lippert, portfolio manager at the Baron Opportunity Fund.

That’s a bit deeper than this fun article intended to dive. But hey, the more you know…

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