Google Clear Calling: Why It Improves Everyones’ Call Quality

In December, Google quietly (or not so quietly, depending on how in tune with Android news you are) added a new feature called Google Clear Calling. The additional feature is for Pixel 7 Series. And while the name, Google Clear Calling, reads nonsensically, it’s actually a pretty impactful new feature.

Google Clear Calling is a feature that helps increase call quality not only for you, but for those you are on with.

Google Clear Calling is an advanced artificial intelligence feature that helps cancel noise for all call participants.

So let’s unpack this a little.

Noise cancellation, or ambient noise reduction, isn’t new technology. It’s on board a variety of headsets and devices. But what’s cool with Google Clear Calling is that the technology somehow extends to other call participants. And that’s super dope.

So if someone calls from their Pixel 7 while in a loud bar, Clear Calling will shut off all the background noises which enhances the callers voice. It does the same for the other participant on the line.

Now, Google Clear Calling isn’t all roses. There’s a downside. The biggest downside is that weaker mobile or WI-FI signals can make Google Clear Calling unavailable.

Turn On Google Clear Calling

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Sound & Vibration
  3. Clear Calling

Now – Activate Use Clear Calling

And that’s that. So long as your WIFI or mobile signal is good, you and all those on your calls will have a much more quality experience.

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