Free messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp

WeChat is a messenger app for sending messages and images in the style of WhatsApp and is available to download free of charge. In addition to text messages, the app can also be used for video conferencing.

How does WeChat work?
With WeChat, you can make phone calls and send text messages, videos, pictures, or your location to other network users.

The most noteworthy functions include:

  • Video calls, which can be made in HD quality similar to Skype, group chats, and chats with strangers in the vicinity: Invitations for group chats are sent in WeChat via a QR code. – The built-in search function makes it easy to find old messages – Messages are stored on the phone in encrypted form – Messages that have already been sent can be deleted from the chat history within two minutes. Recipients who react quickly have already read the message in case of doubt.

How can I register with WeChat?
As with other messaging services, you register with your cell phone number with WeChat. Unlike other systems, however, access to the phone book is optional. You can also find contacts and friends using your WeChat user ID.

Download WeChat

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