Do Android games work on Chromebook?

The Chromebook isn’t known for gaming, however, Google is intent on changing that by introducing new Cloud gaming Chromebooks. They’ll embrace the affordability aspect that Chromebooks are known for.

So yes, Chrome OS can run Android apps, so there are plenty of mobile games that you can play directly on your laptop with minimal effort.

chromebook games

This option isn’t available on all Chromebooks, but it is available on many of them. The best Chromebook games provide much-needed entertainment in our busy lives and give us a break from the hustle and bustle. Thanks to the Google Play Store, there’s an incredibly large catalog of fun games for your Chrome OS device.

Not all Android games run well on Chrome OS (and some don’t run at all) because they’re designed for phones and tablets and not laptops. While this spinoff of the popular console and PC franchises runs smoothly on Chrome OS, it doesn’t support the keyboard, so you should put your Chromebook into tablet mode. The reward of this game is the visual pleasure of gliding through an exciting world and getting lost during his downhill odyssey with Alto. If you have an older Chromebook, you should check for updates if the Google Play Store option isn’t available.

Whether you’re looking for popular social media apps or mobile games, Android apps have something for everyone. Remote or cloud gaming uses a remote PC or console and streams the resulting content to your Chromebook. A smaller number of “native” browser-based games use the CPU and graphics features of your Chromebook. The Asphalt series still offers one of the more graphically immersive experiences of any Android app running locally on a phone or Chromebook.

One of my favorite games on Roblox is the Squid Game-inspired competitions, where you can play deadly rounds of Red Light, Green Light with other Roblox players around the world. Alto’s Odyssey (opens in a new tab) expands tap-to-jump gameplay with a new hold-to-wall grind move and is more of the same, and that’s no offense. The cult classic Katamari Damacy ball roller game is one of the strangest concepts in video game history, and its fun has now arrived on Android and Chrome OS. If you still don’t see the Google Play Store option in settings, your device unfortunately doesn’t support Android apps.

This is one of the most versatile video apps out there and is a must for your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet. FreeCiv Web isn’t the nicest game, but it runs in the Chromebook’s Chrome browser and it’s completely free.


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