Discord – Your website to talk to friends and communities

Discord is a free program that allows you to communicate easily and entertainingly with your friends and fellow players. The service also allows you to join a chat server or create your own dedicated to different topics, games, communities, or interests.

Much like other messaging programs like Slack or WhatsApp, Discord lets you send text messages, images, videos, emojis, stickers, and GIFs, and talk to other users via voice or video call. You can also share your screen or broadcast your video game sessions live.

What is Discord?
Discord is an instant messaging platform Jason Citron developed that offers a comprehensive yet intuitive and user-friendly environment. Discord allows you to send text messages, make VoIP calls over the user’s Wi-Fi or cellular network, and video conference with friends in pretty interesting ways.

Discord allows you to customize your profile, settings, notifications, and security. You can choose your avatar, status, game mode, and nickname; adjust call volume, sensitivity, and sound quality; turn notifications for messages on or off, mentions, roles, and channels; and block or report users who disturb or harass you.

An indispensable program for every player
Discord is a very popular program among gamers, allowing them to communicate with their teammates or opponents while playing online. The service integrates with other platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or your Twitch and shows what you are playing or watching in your profile status.

But even if you don’t play anything and want to talk to your loved ones, Discord is a comprehensive and versatile platform that offers many opportunities to communicate with others and have fun.

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