A Fix Is In: Crashing Messenger Issues Plaguing Android 14 Beta Testers

Android 14 is finally here. Well, sort of. Google transitioned it from developer beta to public beta; hence, we’re all now the guinea pigs testing the OS. And upon this transition, many Pixel users found the new Android 14 to be a wildly rough experience. 

Many dire problems existed immediately, including issues with critical infrastructure such as cellular settings and even the finger print unlocking capabilities. These problems drastically reduced the OS’s use cases for the beta cases. 

Those issues aside, a new issue is arising that’s causing much concern for beta users. In short, another Android app, Google Messenger is jacked up. In fact, Messages now crashes in Android 14, leaving beta users frustrated and excommunicated, for lack of a better term. We’re certain some group messages are missing a number of brilliant minds right now. That said, there’s a ton of messenger apps that work on Android. So in reality, you shouldn’t feel, isolated, per se.

You can’t see the messages, which is the epicenter of the issue. Although, some users claim they can put their phone in dark mode and see blurry versions of the message groups. However, upon clicking a message group, a crash happens. 

That said, Google is fast-tracking a Message app beta fix. Because, bro, we need our messages, stat.

There’s already an update available in the Google Play Store that fixes the issue and returns peace and harmony to your devices. If you have auto-updates on, there’s a good change this fix is already in place and the problem is solved. If not, go snag the latest update and return to Messenger happiness.

If you don’t see an update, or can’t update – Simply long press your Messenger app, select “uninstall updates,” and you should be good to go.

google messenger interface

Although, there could be issues with your old messages, but over time, you’ll be OK. Android 13 users aren’t having this issue, either.

The official release version is messages.android_20230502_01_RCO1.phone.openbeta_dynamic – for those wanting more exact, fact-checked journalism from our work. 

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