Change Google Maps navigation icon on Android

When you enter a route in Google Maps and start navigation, a blue arrow indicates the right direction. However, it does not always have to be the blue arrow that takes you from A to B.

Tip – Google Maps navigation icon arrow or cars

In February, Google Maps celebrated its 15th birthday and brought a birthday car into the game as a small gimmick, which displayed the navigation instead of the blue arrow. The birthday car has long since disappeared, but three other cars are now available, which iOS users have been able to use since 2018. When these cars have arrived at Android users, I do not know yet. Even the Google support page only refers to the selection option for iOS users. Many more users have wanted the feature for Android for some time, as a thread from March 2020 shows.

Now a Twitter entry shows that more cars for navigation are also available on Android.

Selection of other navigation icons:

Open Google Maps
Enter/select a route
Click on the blue route button at the bottom of the screen
Press and hold the navigation arrow on the map
The menu for selecting other navigation icons opens at the bottom of the screen.
Select a new navigation icon by click.

The playful navigation icons make Google Maps a bit more colorful, but they also take some getting used to.

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