Here’s How You Hide Your Dating App Profile

You’re feeling stressed. You want to use online dating apps. But likewise, you don’t want your nosey neighbor or creepy coworker to know you’re using dating apps. You want to hide your dating app use because, well, its no one’s business but your own. 

The good news is, you can totally hide your dating app profile so weird Joe in accounting doesn’t think you’re on the market. 

Bumble has an incognito mode that you can enable to keep your profile hidden.. It will then only appear for the potential matches you swipe right on. But as with most platforms that allow you to use dating sites discreetly, this is not a free feature. Just like Nova Launcher, make sure the Apex launcher is set as your default home launcher.

How To Hide Your Dating Profile


Go to the launcher settings and then to the drawer settings and tap on hidden apps. Just select your online dating app and you’re done. Just make sure your dating app isn’t on your home screen. If it’s there, remove it and you’re good to go.


hide tinder account

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world.. Tinder has made more than 55 billion matches so far. It’s the perfect place to meet new people depending on your preferences in terms of personality traits and location requirements. If you’re part of the LGBT community, you can easily find your match.

Tinder shows your matches according to your set preferences. You can swipe right to show your interest or swipe left to share. If the other person also shows interest in you, you can initiate the chat and move things forward. Most importantly, you can exclude contacts so that your friends and family never appear on your match list or see your profile on Tinder.

hide dating app profile

Although the app is free, there are premium plans to get noticed and find verified matches.. Happn is a popular online dating app with over 100 million members. You can easily find people who have crossed paths. Not only that, it even limits you from sending messages to unknown people and therefore there is no way that you will be bothered by bad people.

Secret App

It helps to find suitable matches depending on location. Secret app is becoming increasingly popular among adults. The app has 10 million users worldwide. The secret dating app allows you to conveniently connect with people from all over the world..

It’s perfect for people who don’t want to make their relationship public. The app can be perfect for chatting with your games and browsing their profiles. It offers a secure environment with 100% verified accounts. Not only that, the app is only for users over 18 years.

Secret has a simple interface, and you can even send emojis, photos, videos, and audio recordings. From casual dates to one-night stand matches, the app is tailor-made. The location-based social networking app is available in 189 countries in multiple languages. You can even use it directly on your computer via its website.


There are also many safety features on Skout that help provide safe online dating.. You can video chat and move things forward. Blendr users must be over 18 years of age and provide basic information and a photo. The free app has over 118 million users and is a perfect way to get to know people around you..

The app is perfect for secret dating, flirting and meeting with your future life partner. Social media apps have evolved into potential dating apps and therefore, you can use KidsGuard Pro to check your loved ones’ social media conversations, exchanged media files and even deleted messages. You can also monitor your loved one’s Tinder conversations if he’s secretly using them.. It works just like guest mode, where you can create a new profile and save apps and files that aren’t visible in the first area.

Secret Dating Apps Continue to Thrive

secret dating apps

Secret dating apps are most popular among those who cheat on their partners and are looking for a new date.. If someone on the app is ready to meet and chat in person, do it and if it works, deactivate your profile before your partner finds out. If you suspect that your spouse has cheated, you can use the same way to discover the hidden apps on their phone. Scroll down the list of installed apps and select Tinder or any app you’d like to hide..

If your partner or one of their friends learns something about your profile, you can blame the ease of the Internet and the way people fake their personalities. There are several reasons why people prefer secret dating sites and apps but the main intention is privacy.. But people can still see the app icon, and that’s all they need to judge you, and you don’t want that either. If you’re trying to avoid questionable looks and prying eyes from others, you should know how to hide dating apps on Android without disabling them.

If you want to access this hidden app, you can use the same process as above or search for it in the app drawer.. Although the geolocation feature remains active all the time, the app never makes the location visible to other users.. It’s completely free and integrates with several other Microsoft apps including To-Do, Sticky Notes, and OneNote. In addition to checking installed apps and app activity, here are all the features of the KidsGuard Pro for Android app that you can use to monitor all of your loved one’s phone activities.

You might even be surprised to know that you’ll find a few dating apps that have been hidden in the Google Play Store.. They prefer secret dating apps that look like games so that their partners don’t suspect them at all.. This is because they don’t want their friends and acquaintances to find out about their presence on dating apps..

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