What to Know About Dating App Dangers

Dating apps can be dangerous. I repeat, dating apps can be bad for your health. Dating apps tend to bring out motivated scammers who prey upon people in their weakest moments. Dating apps, by their very ecosystem, lend opportunity to those with nefarious intentions which can compromise your financial or physical well-being.

Educating yourself on the risk of using dating apps is a great way to reduce any hazardous potential. If you follow simple rules, you’re unlikely to ever fall victim to a dating site scam.

dating app scams

Even though it may seem like harmless fun or a promising way to find a new flame, the truth is that dating apps have their risks. Unfortunately, you could be a victim of physical injuries and robberies, as in the situation described above. According to online dating statistics, 10 of all convicted sex offenders are online dating sites and apps.

No one likes receiving unsolicited photos or creepy messages, which is certainly a possibility with dating apps. According to online dating statistics, there are approximately 40 million Americans who use online dating sites and apps. Have your own transportation to and from the first few in-person dates so you never feel trapped or have to rely on your date to get home when you’re ready to go. In Canada, only police departments can access the sex offenders registry, so third parties in Canada such as dating app companies can’t even obtain this information.

Of female online daters aged 18 to 34, 57% said they had received sexually explicit messages or images they hadn’t asked for. Most of what happened in this world for me was layoff — a lot of dismissal, a lot of feeling of being of lesser value. Alaska is a daunting place to find an online date, but there are other states that also set off warning bells. It can make you and your date feel more comfortable meeting up at a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar with lots of other people nearby.

Whether you’re new to online dating, or you consider yourself a pro, it helps to have a clear understanding of what dating apps offer, including how often they’re used, how they’re viewed by others, and even how honest people are when creating their profiles. Clearly, that’s all easier said than done.

If you experience violence or abuse of any form on a date, it is highly recommended that you report it to both the dating app platform and the police. By doing so, you contribute to the greater good of the dating app.

It can also be helpful during the date you check in, send a text message, or call a friend. One thing is certain that there are some dangers associated with online dating such as meeting people you don’t know who you want to take advantage of financially or emotionally. If your date understands others know where you are, you’re more insulated from trouble.

And, in general, a study showed that straight and bisexual cisgender men rarely raised concerns about their personal safety when using dating apps, while women had far greater concerns.

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